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Spiritual consultation pursues the following goals:


  • 30 minutes of intensive spiritual consultation over the phone.
  • You recognize who and how you really are.
  • You understand and use the laws of your life.
  • You take leadership in your life situations.
  • You find your practical path to your happiness.
  • You can solve the problems much easier.
  • You can use your powers better.
  • You will become more successful in everything you do.
  • You earn more and more with your job and your calling.
  • You will get precise answers to your questions.
  • You receive valuable information about your future.
  • After the consultation, you will receive a tailored and complete Matrix Clean session in the evening! Saeed corrects your system while you sleep.


Saeed's consultation is not just life advice, but a spiritual journey through your personality and your life. He will thoroughly examine your systems with you in order to find and remove obstacles. Because every consultation requires a tailor-made procedure in order to achieve the best possible results.


The goal of spiritual consutation is to address your issues directly and effectively so that you can achieve a completely new life full of happiness, health and success within a very short time. Experience shows that our fear of problems is usually much greater than the problems themselves. It is much easier to become happy than most people realize. Spiritual consultation opens up opportunities for you that most people don't even suspect.


The consultation lasts approx. 30 minutes. It is recommended that you record the conversation so that the valuable information is not lost.


If you are not sure whether a consultation or a Matrix Clean session would be right for you, please feel free to call Saeed free of charge. You can describe your concerns to him in a short conversation. He will be happy helping you to find the right offer for you. Please remember that this is not a consultation, but for guidance only. To do this, contact Saeed directly by phone (also via WhatsApp and Telegram):

+41 78 233 51 44


The Matrix Clean programs:

With his Matrix Clean sessions, Saeed removes the disturbances with ease and restores your natural and divine system. You will feel free, light and happy in a way you have never felt before. You will go through life with a smile and be greeted with a smile everywhere!


You get:


  • Freeing your body from all kinds of foreign energies
  • Dissolving the programming and conditioning that leads to addictive behavior
  • Cleansing and building the brain and nervous systems
  • Cleansing and building up the organs
  • Blood purification (removal of foreign bodies on the energetic level)
  • Sharpening of perception
  • Deep calm and serenity
  • Freeing your brain and nervous systems from foreign energies
  • Freeing your brain and nervous systems from negative programming
  • Removal of all energetic ties to other incarnations
  • Removal of all energy robbers and contractual ties
  • Deletion and dissolution of inherited programming
  • Restoring the natural energetic configuration
  • Building and strengthening the energetic configuration
  • Building the energetic connection to your divine consciousness
  • Building the energetic connection to your immortal soul


In addition, you will receive free special programs that Saeed puts together for you during the consultation.


For lasting effects, Saeed recommends taking this session once a week.


Saeed uses and applies all of his spiritual resources to offer you the best possible, holistic support. This includes:


  • He examines your inner systems with his clairsentience
  • He looks through time with his clairvoyance
  • He uses his karmalogical knowledge to astrologically analyze your horoscope
  • He uses his spiritual knowledge to expand your consciousness
  • He sends you his Matrix Clean programs to free your energetic configuration from disturbances and restore it to its natural state
  • He connects you energetically and mentally with your wishes and goals, so that you can achieve them incomparably more easily.


This is how you achieve the best results:


​​Make a list of topics you want to discuss with Saeed. Figure out which ones are most important or urgent to you. Through this preparation, the issues and their causes can be discussed and resolved selectively, quickly and easily.

It is very important and recommended to be relaxed and in a distraction-free environment during the session.


Spiritual consultation takes place over the telephone. Please provide your telephone number and birthdate when booking. These are date of birth, exact time of birth, place of birth and current place of residence. Saeed will then contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.

30 min. Spiritual Karmalogical Consultation with Saeed incl. Matrix Clean

VAT Included
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