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Product recommendations

Here you will find useful and helpful products recommended by Saeed Habibzadeh. The products have been tested by Saeed himself for quality, functionality and effectiveness. You will receive a discount when you purchase them.

Electrolysis footbath “Hydrosana”

This footbath is a very pleasant way to get toxins out of your body. With your feet in the warm water, you can practically watch as the water becomes darker and the toxins that were previously in your body get collected in the bath. Even deposits in the brain can leave you through the soles of your feet.

Saeed's recommendation: a foot bath at least once a week.

Alkaline salt “My base”

A pinch of it completes your footbath. This alkaline salt removes toxins from your body through the skin through a completely natural process called osmosis. Toxins, viruses and bacteria are metabolized in the body as acids (low PH value). If there is a basic (alkaline) liquid (high PH value) in neighboring areas (e.g. in a bath with alkaline salt), the two liquids automatically want to balance out their acid/base content. The acids always move towards the bases, i.e. they are drawn out of the body by the alkaline bath via the skin.

The alkaline salt can be used in a variety of ways, for example through foot or full baths, a peeling or a shower, or even wraps such as neck wraps for a sore throat.

TOCA signal and radiation free phone cases

Our mobile/cellular phone remits radiation, even when it is in airplane mode. It therefore makes sense to have your mobile/cell phone in a radiation protection bag - at least while sleeping or when you carry it close to your body. The mobile/cell phone has no signal during this time, but you are protected from its radiation.

*1) You will receive a 10% discount on all orders in the Chi-Enterprise Shop, such as the electrolysis footbath or the alkaline salt.

Simply enter the voucher code Saeed24 when you checkout.


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*2) You will receive a 10% discount on all orders in the TOCA shop, such as the TOCA signal and radiation free phone cases.

Simply click on the button above. The discount will be applied automatically at the checkout.

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