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Unleash your full potential with the coaching from Saeed Habibzadeh

Saeed Habibzadeh_Monthly Coaching

Saeed's exclusive Coaching incl. Matrix Clean Programs


Saeed offers a companion program including Matrix Clean programs. This offers determined clients an exceptional opportunity to have Saeed as a companion and coach for a specific period of time. This period can be several weeks or months.

This exceptional offer is ideal for those who want to transform problems into happy challenges, and blockages and obstacles into a ladder to the top.


With Saeed's support, you have an experienced and far-sighted coach at your side who will help you to master even the most impossible situations. Saeed translates in simple language what the current situations mean and what message they convey. This will help you achieve self-assurance, self-confidence and the strength you have always wanted.

Saeed offers you:

  • 30 years of professional experience in consulting

  • Many years of experience in advising and supporting prominent personalities

  • absolute discretion

  • Clairvoyant abilities

  • Clairsentience

  • Karmalogical analysis of personality and events

  • Translation of spiritual messages into a simple and understandable language

  • Matrix Clean programs tailored to your personality and events

  • Mental and emotional help with decision-making


In a free preliminary consultation, Saeed will examine your situation together with you in order to develop a plan and an individual support program that will help you develop your personality, resolve blockages and transform problems into happy situations.

The program is valid for one month and can be extended or renewed if desired.

With Saeed's support, you will easily achieve your goals and fulfill your long-held dreams!

Contact Saeed's team by email at to receive an individual offer.

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