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Here you can find answers for freqently asked questions

Saeed Habibzadeh

Did Saeed Habibzadeh study? What education does he have?
Saeed Habibzadeh always had the desire to help people and make the world a better place. He did not find the knowledge he needed to do this in schools, universities or books. He began his journey of discovery on his own and developed his personality and skills through his own efforts.

Where does Saeed Habibzadeh get his skills from?
Every person is a child of God and comes to earth with countless abilities. Even as a child, adults asked Saeed Habibzadeh for advice and solutions. Through strokes of fate and experiences, he was led to his true abilities. In this way, he acquired extraordinary skills that go far beyond what can be obtained in the school and university systems. It is therefore particularly important to him to help anyone who is interested to recognize and develop their own divine abilities and to use them for themselves and the world.

Where does Saeed Habibzadeh live?
He has been living in Switzerland since the end of 2021.

Does Saeed Habibzadeh have a practice where I can visit him?
Saeed Habibzadeh gives his consultations over the phone and sends his Matrix Clean® programs remotely to all over the world without any tools. Therefore, on-site treatment and a practice are not necessary. There are currently no on-site treatments.

What is the best way to contact Saeed Habibzadeh?
You can write a message to his team via the contact form ,
or send us an email:
or call customer service: +41 78 233 51 44 (also via WhatsApp) (Mon-Sun 10am-6pm CET)
We are happy to answer all messages, emails and calls and look forward to new contacts. Because new contacts bring new exchange opportunities for both sides.

Can I talk to Saeed Habibzadeh on the phone?
You can call Saeed's customer service at the following number: +41 78 233 51 44 (also via WhatsApp) (Mon-Sun 10am-6pm CET)

Matrix Clean® Sessions

What is meant by Matrix imprisonment?
Through thousands of consultations and seminars, Saeed Habibzadeh has discovered that we are in an invisible captivity of collective thoughts, feelings, emotions and decisions. This means that we have no freedom to really shape our lives ourselves and instead unconsciously live according to prefabricated collective patterns and templates. In this way, individual happiness, success and life planning are not possible. This means that the invisible matrix manipulates us to such an extent that we are forced to live according to a prescribed script. Almost all systems that exist in our world serve this purpose. School systems, health systems, social, military, political, religious, economic systems and more take away our freedom and force us into prefabricated behavioral patterns in which we lose all individuality. In such systems, we do not serve ourselves or our fellow human beings, but only like slaves to blind foreign forces in whose systems we are held captive.

What exactly are Matrix Clean® sessions or programs?
Saeed Habibzadeh has realized through his consulting experience over the last 30 years with clients from all over the world that pure consultations, discussions, therapies, medication, group work and similar approaches achieve absolutely nothing. He realized that there are invisible constraints that have nothing to do with diet, environment, past and other scientific assumptions. His Matrix Clean® programs and sessions are a globally unique and fantastic way to free anyone who is willing to shape their own life from their energetic entanglements. These programs correct our internal systems in the depths of our body, soul and psyche. In this way, we are able to recognize ourselves and start our own lives free of disturbances, stress, blockages and illnesses. These programs are stored in clients and activated and used under the guidance of their soul and divine consciousness. The result is a happy life full of health, success and bliss. How often a Matrix Clean® session or consultation should be used depends on the client's personal decisions and the magnitude of the challenges.

What changes through Matrix Clean® sessions or programs?
In every human being, countless systems work together. For example, there are nervous systems, blood supply systems, circulatory systems, respiratory systems, digestive systems and many more. According to Saeed Habibzadeh, there are two systems in us that dominate and control all other systems: the system of consciousness and the system of energetic configuration.
It is precisely these two systems that are corrected through Matrix Clean® programs and sessions. This means that the consciousness and the energetic configuration are freed from disturbances, foreign energies and energy thieves. In this way, perception is sharpened and an intelligent use of one's own possibilities is achieved. This represents the most fundamental and fastest change and development of the personality that exists in the world.

Can I book Matrix Clean® sessions multiple times or regularly?
The Matrix Clean® sessions and programs are designed to be used regularly. Anyone who wants to achieve a happy life faster and easier with clear determination should take part in the sessions regularly. Because only with constant effort can we free ourselves from external influences, from our environment, stress, old behavioral patterns and habits.

Can I book a Matrix Clean® session for someone else?
This only makes sense if it concerns your own children or people who are not able to book the Matrix Clean® sessions themselves. In any case, the consent of the person concerned is essential. Saeed Habibzadeh attaches great importance to the free will given by God. With the consent, the person's system switches to receive. If this is not the case, the Matrix Clean® programs cannot be activated.

Spiritual Consultation

How can I book spiritual guidance over a longer period of time?
There are some clients who make use of Saeed Habibzadeh's spiritual guidance for a longer period of time. They want to master vital and difficult situations and are grateful to have a spiritual guide at their side. In regular consultations, he helps them to recognize the background and context of their decisions, to prepare for them and to make the best decisions. He also sends them special Matrix Clean® programs, which are a special help and joy for the clients. There is a special offer for clients who want permanent guidance for a certain period of time.
Please contact Saeed's team via the contact form
or by email:
or by phone: +41 78 233 51 44 (also via WhatsApp) (Mon-Sun 10am-6pm CET)

Seminars & Lectures

Does Saeed give seminars or lectures?
Saeed gives lectures, seminars and webinars on a regular basis. These are published here on his homepage. Tickets are also available here.

Can I book Saeed Habibzadeh for a lecture?
Saeed Habibzadeh enjoys taking on assignments to provide his skills and knowledge to small or large groups. He has worked as a lecturer and trainer in various companies and universities on countless occasions.
Please contact Saeed's team via the contact form
or by email:
or by phone: +41 78 233 51 44 (also via WhatsApp) (Mon-Sun 10am-6pm CET)

For companies

Can we also book Saeed Habibzadeh to coach the managers in our company?
Yes. He has trained many managers to become leaders. His work stands out from the standard solutions offered in business seminars. In such seminars, work is the focus. Saeed Habibzadeh's seminars focus on the personality of the managers and their development. Because it doesn't help much if someone is trained to do something that they are not actually or do not want to do.

Can we hire Saeed Habibzadeh to select suitable employees from applicants?
Yes. He has helped many companies to make the best selection of employees for them. Saeed Habibzadeh uses astrological evaluations to analyze the personality of the applicants. This allows him to accurately determine which position the applicant would be best placed in. His approach is that no one can change anyone. We cannot make someone into something they are not. And we don't have to. We can recognize them, appreciate them and give them the best living space so that they can grow and bear fruit.

Can we book a Matrix Clean® Session for our company, our office space and our home?
Yes. When you commission Saeed Habibzadeh, he will visit the rooms in your company and clean them accordingly, remove foreign energies, place natural and constructive energies and fill the rooms with incredible power and life. The result will be a harmonious and productive atmosphere and happy employees.


I would like to help others myself. Can I book further training with Saeed Habibzadeh?
Saeed Habibzadeh does not currently offer any training courses.

Astrology & Karmalogy

Does Saeed Habibzadeh offer astrology courses?
Over the last 30 years, Saeed Habibzadeh has developed his own method of astrology, which he has tested and expanded in practice. This new form of astrology is called karmalogy. He would like to make this knowledge available to the public for the first time in the form of a book in 2024.

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