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Matrix Clean® Video - Addictions

Experience healing and transformation with Saeed Habibzadeh's groundbreaking method

Matrix Clean® Video - Süchte

Matrix Clean® Video - Süchte

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The video has a length of 18:48 minutes and contains Saeed's Matrix Clean® programs on the following topics:


  • Dissolution of alcohol addiction

  • Breaking social media addiction

  • Breaking sugar addiction

  • Resolving gambling addiction

  • Breaking cigarette addiction

  • Dissolution of food addiction

  • Breaking cell phone addiction

  • Breaking Gaming Addiction

  • Breaking TV addiction

  • Breaking down serial addiction

  • Breaking computer addiction

  • Breaking coffee addiction

  • Breaking porn addiction

​What are Matrix Clean® Videos?


Matrix Clean® programs are a globally unique process developed by Saeed Habibzadeh that combines the expertise of more than 30 years of consulting practice to create a powerful and effective healing experience. This technique is based on the finding that unresolved emotional experiences and negative thought patterns place a massive burden on consciousness and thus on personality. These burdens prevent us from developing our skills and talents and from living a successful and happy life. The Matrix Clean® videos contain Saeed Habibzadeh's Matrix Clean® programs on various health topics. The Matrix Clean® programs are stored in the videos and are transferred to the viewer by simply watching the video and then begin to take effect and restore and build up the energetic configuration of the person affected.

How do Matrix Clean® videos work?

You receive the Matrix Clean® programs by simply watching the videos. These are stored in you and activated one after the other. They search for and correct faulty patterns in your consciousness and subconscious, in your body, your soul and in your energetic configuration. This gives you a deep cleansing, correction and strengthening of your health. You are freed from mental and energetic burdens and gain an ever-increasing joy in life. You don't have to do anything special for the Matrix Clean® programs to work in you. Just watch the videos.

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