We are children of the divine light and pure beings from the kingdom of God. Over time, we have gradually become prisoners of our ego and this has prevented us from growing courageous, strong, healthy, wealthy and happy.


The "Triumph of Love over Ego" makes the underlying cross-connections easily understandable and shows us ways out of our spiritual imprisonment. We are taken on a journey around the labyrinth of our inner prison and are shown countless pathways and wrong turnings. The insights we gain provide us with vitality and joy and guide us step by step towards the light. This is the path to spiritual freedom and the eternal triumph of love over ego.

The quest for conclusive answers to my questions has led me to the truth about the causes and cross-connectivity of suffering. It has always been my dearest wish to see all of humanity happy, and so I developed my own ideas and thoughts, designed to help people. I would like my books, poetry, presentations, paintings and music to remind people of the light.


I am an Ambassador of the Age of Aquarius.
An Ambassador of Life.


Saeed Habibzadeh

E-Book: Triumph of Love over Ego (English) (Kindle)

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    Triumph of Love over Ego


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