Project Description

Energy Coaching with Saeed
“Powerful and happy
by the liberation from
energy robbers”
(in English)

If you are under 26 years of age,
you receive a 50% discount!

A session costs 595,00 €.

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Powerful and happy by the liberation from energy robbers (in English)
Energy coaching with Saeed

If you are under 26 years of age, you receive a 50% discount!

You are not yourself, but what others have made of you and still do!

That’s why you unconsciously make decisions driven by others!

That’s why you cannot be happy, successful and rich!

Saeed’s method consists of two components which guide you to your true happiness:

  1. to release you from external energies and programs
  2. to connect you with your inner divine power

The cleaning and removal of the external energies and programs comprises 7 steps. Each step can be completed in one or, if necessary, in several sessions. The chronological observance of the first 3 steps is extremely important.

These first steps are:

1. Liberation from people you are chained to
2. Liberation and elimination of stressful and negative feelings and emotions
3. Liberation and elimination of stressful and negative thoughts and dogmas

Saeed’s new method releases you from all external programs in your consciousness, in your soul and in your body. Saeed helps you to free yourself from invisible internal captivities and to live a fulfilled and happy life!

The first session of purification is dedicated to the liberation, elimination and dissolution of energetic bonds to other persons. And yet, relationships or people are not going to be affected in any way; only the negative is going to be dissolved. This will give all persons involved a great opportunity to start their relationships all over again, free of negative energies and interdependencies. They will get the opportunity to start a new life without ties to people who no longer play a role or who have a negative effect.

Please make sure to understand the following essential aspects:

  1. The relationships between you and other people are not going to be affected, manipulated, encouraged or separated.
  2. Other persons involved are not going to be influenced or changed.
  3. Only negative energies are going to be eliminated, purified and dissolved.
  4. In this coaching, Saeed will bring back your energy, which has been taken away from you without your permission.
  5. Saeed will delete all negative characteristics and energy formations that have been installed inside of you by external influence. These can be thoughts, feelings, emotions, dogmas, behavior patterns and other things that you adopted unconsciously e.g. from your parents, children, partners and friends. People would describe this as “rubbing off” on somebody. However it is nothing else but subliminal manipulation and external programming.
  6. Saeed will close the energetic gap inside of you, through which you lose your power to other people.
  7. He will release the mental chains between you and the people on your list (see below). Thus, both sides are released and can live freely and independently of one another. Whether they want to live together or not, will then depend on their free choices and not on any programs of addiction or emotional dependencies.
  8. Saeed will dissolve the negative emotional bonds between people. This ensures that both sides can no longer burden each other emotionally so they can have an objective and harmonious relationship, if they wish.
  9. If you encounter any strains that were not caused by yourself, but by manipulation and external programming of the people on your list (see below), Saeed can remove those strains and release you from their consequences.
  10. It is very important to understand that Saeed can bring back your own energies that you lost to other people. He is able to remove burdensome energies of other people and return them to their originator. He cannot affect or separate people or relationships, though. The purpose of the coaching is to release you from the negative burdens that you are not responsible for. These are external emotions and energies that rob your vitality and make your life harder. The people responsible will get the opportunity to understand themselves and their own mistakes and to tackle their problems. If you are released from them, they are released from you, too. Thus, both sides are doing much better.

Procedure of the consultation:

  1. First and foremost, you have to be aware that you cannot transfer the responsibility for your life to anyone else, and that you cannot blame others for the quality of your life. You have to take charge of your life. You have to realize that you have the power to make your own decisions and to assume responsibility for the consequences.
  2. You create a list of people (up to 12 persons per session) who had the most negative impact on you, who affected you most, who sucked up your energies, strained you or had any other negative effects on you.
  3. Now you can book a coaching session here on this online-shop page. After receiving your payment, Saeed will contact you by phone or e-mail to arrange a telephone appointment for the coaching session.
  4. The coaching can only take place in an absolutely quiet and undisturbed environment. It is very important that you are focused and able to perceive the changes inside of you. After the session, it is just as important to give yourself some rest in order to let the purification happen and to let it flow.
  5. If you wish a purification of further people who had a negative impact on you, you need to book an extra session.
  6. Each session costs 1.190,00 € incl. VAT and can take up to 60 minutes.
    If you are under 26 years of age, you receive a 50% discount!
  7. The phone call will be recorded for internal archiving. Saeed recommends you to record the phone call as well in order not to lose valuable information.
  8. This coaching is not a substitute for medical or naturopathic measures. If you encounter any health problems, Saeed strongly recommends you to seek medical advice at appropriately trained specialists such as medical doctors, alternative practitioners and naturopaths.
  9. Saeed cannot guarantee for your satisfaction, as the success of a coaching session mainly depends on the decisions you make and many other aspects. In particularly serious cases it may be necessary to apply multiple coaching sessions.
  10. A refund of the purchase price is excluded.