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Saeed offers webinars and webinar series on a regular basis.


These include deep insights, intense practice sessions and Saeed's creative energy programmes that bring an unprecedented expansion of consciousness. This winning combination incorporates the best of Saeed's years of work, knowledge and wisdom.


Saeed's past seminars and webinars have inspired, touched and helped thousands of participants to find happiness.

His last 12-part webinar series took place from February 10th. until April 28th, 2022.

With this webinar series, Saeed has accompanied all those in a direct lively exchange who desire a happy, successful and beautiful life.

Visit Saeed's homepage and his TikTok channel regularly and sign up for his newsletter to find out promptly when Saeed is offering the next webinars.

Saeed would be very happy to welcome you to his future webinars and accompany you on your way to happiness!​

Here you will find a summary of all topics and dates of the past 12-part webinar series:

(The webinars took place on Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. to approx. 8:30 p.m.)

1.  02/10/2022:  Liberation from the slavery of foreign energies

2.  02/17/2022:  Liberation from energy thieves

3.  02/24/2022:  Liberation from energy fields and programmes of fear

4.  03/03/2022:  Liberation from energy fields and programmes of grief, depression, disappointment

5.  03/10/2022:  Liberation from energy fields and programmes of anger, aggression and hostility

6.  03/17/2022:  Liberation from the entanglements of the past and past incarnations

7.  03/24/2022:  Dissolution of the subconscious

8.  03/31/2022:  Correction and setup of the energy body

9.  04/07/2022:  Expansion of consciousness and information processing

10  04/14/2022:  Planetary cleansing and liberation from karma

11.  04/21/2022:  Creation and setup of the connection and unity with the higher divine self

12.  04/28/2022:  Fulfil your destiny