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Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Matrix Publishing_Portrait

On an icy winter day, just before sunrise, Saeed saw the light of day. The following years of his life were marked by cold, darkness and sad experiences. However, his heart always beat for love and light.

His destiny brought him to Germany, the land of his heart, at a young age. Here he developed the willingness to fulfill his inner mission. ​Since the end of 2021 Saeed lives and works gratefully and happily in Switzerland.

As a life ambassador, energy ambassador, composer (, wisdom ambassador, karmalogist and author, he brings the light back into the hearts of people and reminds them of their divine origin. He has helped thousands of people worldwide with his unique methods and has become a friend and companion for life. His clients include people from all social classes.

His work is aimed at helping everyone to find his own happiness, life and destiny and to create a happy and rich life.

Saeed has a YouTube channel on which he regularly posts various videos free of charge, that delight thousands of viewers: his popular karmalogy forecasts, cooking videos, energy signal videos and livestreams always give us great pleasure and are full of refreshing suprises.

Saeed is now also active on TikTok and is posting new, interesting, funny and extraordinary wisdow videos regularly.

Saeed loves and lives his independence, autonomy and freedom. That is why he rejects any form of membership in all groups in business, politics, religion and philosophy. He has no religion and is not a member of any religious community. His relationship with God and Christ is a personal matter of the heart and not a religious one.

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