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consultation with Evi

Unleash your full potential with the consultation from Eveline Klatzka

Eveline Klatzka - seelisch-karmalogische Beratung

Evi’s karmalogical-spiritual consultation pursues the following goals:

  • 60 minutes of intensive spiritual consultation by phone, WhatsApp or Zoom.

  • You recognize who and how you really are.

  • You understand and use the laws of your life.

  • You take the lead in your life situations.

  • You will find your practical path to happiness.

  • You can solve the problems much more easily.

  • You can use your powers better.

  • You will become more successful in everything you do.

  • You earn more and more with your job and your calling.

  • You will receive precise answers to your questions.

  • You will receive valuable information about your future.

  • You will receive a picture message from your soul when it wants to reveal itself to you.

Evi's consultation is not just life advice, but a spiritual journey through your personality and your life. She examines your systems with you in detail to find and remove obstacles. Because every consultation requires a tailor-made procedure to achieve the best possible results.

The aim of karmalogical-spiritual consultation is to address your issues directly and effectively so that you can achieve a completely new life full of happiness, health and success within a very short time. Experience shows that our fear of problems is usually much greater than the problems themselves. It is much easier to be happy than most people realize. Evi's consultation opens up possibilities for you that most people do not even suspect.

The consultation lasts ca. 60 minutes and costs CHF 279,00. It is recommended to record the conversation so that the valuable information is not lost.

Evi uses and applies all her possibilities in karmalogical-spiritual consultation to offer you the best possible, holistic support. This includes:

  • She uses her karmalogical knowledge to astrologically analyze your horoscope

  • She uses her spiritual knowledge to expand your consciousness

  • She looks into your soul with her clairvoyance and passes on the image messages of your soul directly to you.


How to achieve the best results:

Make a list of topics you want to discuss with Evi. Find out which ones are most important or urgent to you. This preparation will allow the topics and their causes to be discussed and resolved selectively, quickly and easily.

It is very important and recommended to be relaxed and in a distraction-free environment during the session.

The consultation takes place over the phone, via WhatsApp or Zoom. When booking, please provide your telephone number and your birth details. These are date of birth, time of birth (to the minute), place of birth (with postcode) and current place of residence (with postcode).

So that Evi can use all her skills for you, it is helpful to send a current photo to her in advance ( This makes it easier for her to make contact with your soul, receive a message for you and establish a connection to your life plan.

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